Child sponsorship is Our highest priority.

The 45 children currently staying at our home are all in need of sponsorship in order for us to continue to provide shelter, food and clothing, bedding and sleeping items, education, life skills and vocational training, health care, and HIV/AIDS medication and other medical care and resources. 

$35 USD per month provides for all of his/her basic needs.

Although $35 will fully support one of our orphans, no donation is too small.

The children eat one evening meal, consisting mostly of a cornmeal mush, called posho, and, occasionally, rice and beans. They have a very small breakfast of watered-down cornmeal mush. 

Once most of the children are sponsored, we will be able to afford to feed them more nutritious meals and more regularly throughout the day. 

To proceed with sponsoring a child, please click the button below.


Some of the children with the pictures they drew to say Thank You to our generous sponsors!